Senin, 19 Oktober 2020

Empung volcano

on summit of empung volcano you can climb summit point with the crater on onthe top and and after climb down from summit of empung volcano to tompaluan active crater or climb the crater oflokon tompaluan crater and after climb the top of empung volcano. more information
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Lokon empung volcano

lokon empung volcano is twin volcano located in tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia many tourist just hiking lokon tompaluan crater. as my information if you climb tompaluan crater posible for you climb the summit point of lokon volcano and the summit point of empung volcano.
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Minggu, 18 Oktober 2020

Climbing lokon empung volcano tomohon city

climbing lokon empung volcano in tomomohon city norhsulawesi indonesi.first you can climb empung volcano to summit crater and after after from the summit point of empung .trek down to lokon tompaluan active crater which last erupted 29 agust 2015. jotje lala can guide to both volcano in one day. contact whatsapp.+6281340310671.

Minggu, 18 September 2016

adventure lokon volcano crater and summit point 18 september 2016

guide jotje lala on the top of lokon
lokon volcano adventour tour .

lokon volcano crter and climbed the summit poin of lokon volcano.
guide jotje lala guided mr sam and mrs skyler drom USA and mr moritz and mrs mica from germany.
after sunrise on the crater we climbed the top of lokon volcano 18 september 2016.
klabat mountain
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north sulawesi volcano information
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lokon volcano adventure tour 17 september 2016

lokon volcano adventure tour 17 september 2016.
guide jotje guided one group fro zeck publick.
some climbing the summit and some on ly in the crater

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