Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

th highest volcano in the world and the very active volcano in the world

in world the are 850 actives volcanoes the are ten volcanoes are the highest.
1 kilimanjaro in tanzania africa 6,010 m
2guallatiri in  chilli latin americalatin america5,965 m
3laskar in chilli latin america 5,896 m
4 cotopaxi ecuador latin america.5,804 m
5 el missi peru latin america8729 m
6tapungatito chilli latin america5551 m
7tolima colombia latin america5401 m
8 sangay equador latin america5148 m
9tungurahua himalaya pakistan 4954 m
10 cotacachi equador 4861 m

AND THE VERY REGULER ERUPTION AND ACTIVE VOLCAN IN THE WORLD IS LOKON  VOLCANO 1580 M.http://lokonvolcanoeruptionnews.blogspot.com

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

lokon volcano erupted 12, and 3 times 16 january 2013

lokon volcano erupted again 16 january 3 times after rupted 12 january 2012.
16 jauary the firs eruption folow byrain anter another big eruption around 5 oclock after noon and around 8

in this photos sonya ,edwin and guide jotje lala in the onong palace resort
45 on the night time another very big eruption wih folow by glowing lava.
lokon eruption 18 and 22 janury 2013

lokon volcano eruption 18 january 2013

lokon eruption 18 january 2013
lokon eruption 22 january 2013

lokon eruption 22 janury 2013