Kamis, 07 November 2013

sulawesi lokon volcano adventure and the best of minahasa higland tour start from ariaduta hotel manado 25 november 2013

lokon volcano before big eruption july 2013 until 20 september 2013 as information lokon volcano has been erupting from 2011 to september 2013 has already more than 1000 times erupted photos by courtacy.www.guidejotjelala.blogspot.com
lokon volcano adventure and thebest of minahasa highland tour.

start from ariaduta hotel manado city and guide jotje lala guided acouple from australia dini and dave.
merry chrismast and happy new year.http://merrychristmasfromguidejotjelala.blogspot.com

Senin, 04 November 2013

mahawu volcano,lokon volcano andsoputan volcano tour,tangkoko tour

lave de volcan lokon.http://volcanoesguide.blogspot.com

lave de  volcan soputan.http://sulawesivolcanoesguide.blogspot.com
volcan lokon et volcan soputan lave.http://lokonvolcanoadventuretour.blogspot.com
guide jotje lala.www.guidejotjelala.blogspot.com

guide michael massat et guide jotje lala up the crater of lokon volcan.
michael massat guide de volcan vanuatu.http://volcansvanuatu.blogspot.com
sulawesi adventure tour guided by guide jotje lala.

guide jotje lala with group from new calidonia pasific under by michel massat.

toraget hotspring.http://toragethotspringandspa.blogspot.com

picture plant on soputan volcano.http://soputanvolcanoadventuretour.blogspot.com

flower plant on soputan volcano
toohon market.http://tomohonmarket.blogspot.com

the terminal of tomohon

small carnivor mongkey called tarcius spectrum in tangkoko

black macaques or macanigra in tangkoko nature reserve
kali waterfall

amor bupalus flower in tangkoko
bear cuscus in tangkoko nature reserve
satanic nihtjar ew heared in tangkoko
lilac kingfisher we heared in tangkoko

sulawesi volcanoes tour lokon volcano,mahawu volcano and soputan volcano,tangkoko nature reserve and the best of minahasa highland,linow lake,tondanolake,hotspring six night.
in onong resort tomohon

car for transport tour

before climbing reguler eruption volcano lokon

trek to lokon

guide jotje lala on the trekk to lokon with group

trekk to lokon

trekk to lokon volcano

trekk to to lokon volcano

from trekk panoramo tomohon city

trekk to lokon

guide jotje lala near crater of lokon volcano

group near lokon volcano

near to the lokon crater

near to lokon crater

lokon crater photo by guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala on the crater of lokon volcano

guide michael massat with guide jotje lala on lokon crater

lokon crater

lokon crater

group on lokon crater

near lokon crater

going down from lokon crater

guide jotje lala with the group in  the new lava stone

lokon volcano eruption 20 september 2013

eating in linow lake tomohon

tondano lake

start climbbing soputan volcano

transportation for tour

prepare for walk

prepare for walk

soputan volcano

on the poin of panorama of soputan volcano

new plantes on soputan volcano

guide jotje guided mr massat as world volcanoes guide babase on vanuatu volcano calidonia pasific.